“”Overcoming ANY Objection In Your Business…Prospect Objections Handled…Live Thursday”
Video #1: The Dreaded “O” Word: Objection

Hey, you don’t have to be afraid of objections from your prospects, or even from new customers/team members. There are only 3 times in the recruiting process when you’ll face objections, & the objections themselves are easily addressed…if you’re prepared. This video tutorial shows you exactly when & why you run into objections…& how to respond, to keep the conversation going. You’ll learn:

  • The 3 times your prospects are most likely to give objections, during the recruiting process
  • How to get past “connection resistance” with prospects
  • How to regain control of the conversation, once your prospect gives an objection

  • Why answering “How much is this gonna cost me?” too soon in the conversation is costing you team members

    You can’t always avoid objections…but you can learn how to respond to them easily, & move your prospects toward the close.

Video #2: How To Eliminate Every Objection

Did you know…there’s a simple, effective process you can use to respond to literally any objection your prospects have…AND keep them engaged with you? It’s true. In this short video, I show you an 8-Step process to eliminate every objection you’ll ever hear from a prospect. Not only is mastering this process vital to your own recruiting, you can set up your new team members for success with their own recruiting, by showing them this process. I’ll show you:

  • All 8 steps in detail, including:
  • Why telling your prospects “It’s ok if you don’t’ want to get started” actually keeps them engaged
  • How to “set aside” objections,  without alienating your prospects
  • What you must do BEFORE offering objection rebuttals (get this wrong, & your prospects’ defenses go up)

With this 8-Step process for handling objections in your recruiting arsenal, you’ll never have to scramble, feel out-of-control or be at a loss for words again. BONUS: Your prospects & new team members will feel more confident about your leadership & joining your team.

Video #3: “Psssst….Your Prospects Might Be Lying To You”

As you talk to prospects, it might seem like they have an endless supply of different objections….but the truth is: There are only 2 REAL objections. Everything else isa “smoke-screen” & if you don’t know how to spot the difference…you’ll waste your time rebutting “false” objections

  • How to tell if your prospects are lying to you
  • The only 2 REAL objections your prospects have
  • What a “smoke-screen” (not real) objection looks like, & why you shouldn’t try to rebut it
  • When “I don’t have the money” is a real objection…& when it isn’t

Uncovering & addressing your prospects’ REAL objections/challenges is crucial to closing them onto your team. Master this skill to keep your recruiting on track, from the first contact straight through to the close.

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Greg Gomez III
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