“Live: The Complete Guide To Overcoming Objections” Its Not Rocket Science…

Video 1: The Only 3 Types of Objections Out There…& How to Handle Them

  • Identify the only 3 objections
    you’ll ever meet, so you can
    immediately begin the appropriate
  • Know when your prospects are
    REALLY saying “I’m scared”…
    & how to reassure them
  • Regain control of the conversation
    after your prospect asks a question
  • Recognize the WRONG time to answer
    “How much is this gonna cost me?”
    & avoid scaring prospects away

Video 2: 8 Simple Steps To Eliminate Every Objection

  • Acknowledge their concern
  • Give A Soft Take-Away
  • Re-determine Interest
  • Set The REAL Objection Aside
    (Isolate The Objection)
  • Isolate The Objection Again
  • Rebut The Real Objection
  • Ask Comprehension Questions
  • Close
Video 3: Your Prospects Are Lying To You…& How To Tell
  • The two real “root” objections If you’re trying to overcome any other objections…you’re wasting your time (and theirs)
  • How to identify “legit” objections… & which objections aren’t true
  • The exact process for rebutting the “money” & “skepticism” objections
  • How to overcome the “I’m not a salesperson” objection
Thursday, October 5th 2017 9:00 EST 6:00 PST

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