“”3 Keys to Financial Freedom”
Key #1: Eager Prospects By The “Truckload”

It all begins with prospects, but finding eager, interested leads isn’t a matter of chasing family & friends or accosting strangers in the checkout line. In this video, I show you the same methods I use to find already-interested prospects, who are eager to hear more. You’ll learn:

  • How learning what your market wants” creates irresistible “need” for your product/service/opportunity
  • Why Market Research is CRITICAL for separating already-interested leads “meh” prospects
  • The simple funnel your prospects MUST move through before they’ll join your team (most people skip this
    process…then wonder why their prospects disappear)
  • PLUS…what makes your phone
    worth its weight in GOLD for
    building a 6-&-7-figure business

Key #2: Converting Leads To Team Members

Congratulations! You have already-interested leads “banging on your door” (virtually) to hear more about your offer. But…if you go straight for the close, they’ll vanish like nachos at a football party. In this video, I share the RIGHT way to convert your hot leads to team members…without scaring them off. Today, I’ll show you:

  • The one thing you must do to get where you want to want to go…FAST
  • The correct mindset to create success…before you say a single word to prospects
  • 6 questions that lead prospects straight to closing
  • How to put all this together in a system that reliably churns out new team members, day after day
Key #3: Systemizing Your Business For Constant Growth

You’ve got your prospecting, presenting, Q&A, and conversion skills down…but there’s only one of you. Now, you need to systemize your growth, so your entire team becomes active, productive, excited recruiters who can duplicate your success themselves. This video tutorial shows you the most effective way to utilize your team members’ skills & rocket your whole team to the next level.

  • Why expecting team members to be “Mini-Me’s” will kill your business growth
  • Exactly what your team members need to do, to keep momentum rocketing along
  • Eliminate 80% of your time-waste AND build team-members’ skills at the same time.
  • How to become the “face” of your business, so prospects already know who you are
  • & much, much more!
Thursday, October 19th 2017 9:00 EST 6:00 PST

I often hear, “Greg, your ‘free stuff is better than most people’s paid stuff.” That’s no accident. There’s a strategy to presenting free content that is so powerful, people can’t wait to give you money to get their hands on your paid content. The best part is…you don’t have to go learn anything new. In this week’s webinar, I’ll show you how to use what you already know, to start building your “Free Empire.”

Greg Gomez III
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