“”The State-of-The-Union of Facebook Marketing”
Video #1: NEW Business Blueprint & Hot Leads For Your Business

Social media marketing is changing so fast, you almost need a neck-brace to prevent whiplash. But some things don’t change: You always need leads, customers & business partners to grow your business. HOW you do this is different now, & the new Business Blueprint has all the changes. This video gives you a sneak peek into the updated Business Blueprint, & shows you:

  • The best places to find leads
  • How to tell good leads from bad leads
  • The new Blueprint model for scaling your business growth If you don’t want your business-empire-building to stall out…or stop altogether, you gotta stay on top of the latest changes in  marketing on social media. The new Blueprint shows you exactly what you need to know NOW.

Video #2: Turn Leads Into Customers—It’s Easier Than You Think…

Got leads? Great, but leads do nothing for your bottom line, until they sign up. Fortunately, narrowing down the field & identifying ONLY those leads most likely to sign up (so you can spend your valuable time with them) is a simple process. Today, you’ll learn how to easily:

  • Use a 3-question process to find people who are just waiting for your offer
  • Create messages about your offer that your leads find irresistable
  • Get perfect strangers to give you their contact info…& be happy to take your call

Leading your leads straight to
your offer is not difficult…but you
can’t skip this process (or they’ll
skip out on YOU)

Video #3: Systemizing Your Business For Constant Growth

When people hear “taking the next step”, they usually think “closing the sale”, but converting your leads to customers starts way before you collect their credit-card info. Say the right thing, & you can guide your leads to a smooth, effortless landing on your team. Say the wrong thing…& watch your leads vanish over the horizon. In this video, I show you:

  • The list of “next steps” you must guide your leads through, & why you can’t skip a step
  • The exact moment you show your leads “the next step”
  • How traditional network-marketing tactics set you up for low-conversion rates, & how you can dramatically improve your odds

Conversion is everything…& there’s too much at stake to “wing it” & hope for the best. If you’re not using this process…you’re gambling with your business.

I often hear, “Greg, your ‘free stuff is better than most people’s paid stuff.” That’s no accident. There’s a strategy to presenting free content that is so powerful, people can’t wait to give you money to get their hands on your paid content. The best part is…you don’t have to go learn anything new. In this week’s webinar, I’ll show you how to use what you already know, to start building your “Free Empire.”

Greg Gomez III
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