“The Keys To The Kingdom”: DeMystifying The Good Old-Fashioned Art Of Selling & The 5 Keys To Massive Business Growth
Video 1: 3-Keys To Perfect Prospects:
It all begins with prospects, but finding eager, interested leads isn’t a matter of chasing family & friends or accosting strangers in the checkout line. I’ll show you the same methods I use to find prospects who actually want to hear more about your product, service or opportunity.
Video 2: The Art Of Inviting:
Bribes or pleading invitations to your call, event or hotel meeting might get some people to show up, but pity doesn’t build your business. In this video, I share how to create compelling invitations for your best prospects, so you can focus your attention on them.
Video 3: The Proper Way To Q&A:
Prospects have questions, & questions can make us feel & sound defensive, if we don’t know how to handle them. Today, I’m sharing how to use prospects’ questions to quickly assess their interest in your offer & how to answer their questions without wasting their time…or yours.

In this week’s videos, I’ve given you 3 of the 5 “Keys To The Kingdom” in the good old-fashioned art of selling. I’ve covered how & where to find already-interested prospects, how to create compelling invitations & how to answer prospects’ questions effectively & efficiently. In this live webinar, I’ll show you the final 2 keys—objection handling & closing—plus how to use all 5 keys to unlock massive growth in your own business…starting today.

Greg Gomez III
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